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Ministries – Organizations

“To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good.” 1Cor 12:7

St. Stephen Protomartyrs’ parish life and ministry through Organizations

Do you have time or talent you’d like to share with the St. Stephen Protomartyr Community?

If so, you can be a partner in stewardship. Stewardship is the sharing of time, talent  and treasure with the parish community.  It doesn’t matter how much you give, but the fact that you are willing to share helps make St. Stephen Protomartyr a stronger community.

St. Stephen Protomartyr has many organizations that need your participation.  Your help and support makes them successful.  Please take a few moments to look over the different types of Ministries to see if any may be of interest to you.  If so, please call the rectory at 314-481-1133 to learn more or fill out “I’d like to share my gifts” and turn into the rectory. Thank you for your interest.

These organizations help St. Stephen Protomartyr Parish and School run effectively and efficiently. If you are interested in one or more of these organizations please inquire about how to become a member.


Ministries – Organizations:

Parish Advisor Councils

  – Pastoral Council – Parish Board of Education – Finance Council


Liturgical Ministries (Cantors/Choir, Children’s Liturgy, Linen Angels, Heavenly Dusters, and many more)


Faith Formation Ministries (RCIA, Baptism Prep, Retreats, Marriage Prep, and many more)


Service Ministries (MCU, Friends in Faith, Gardeners, Mailings, Martha’s Group, SGSM, and many more)

PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) & Quilters Club

– South Grand Senior Ministry

– SSP St. Vicent de Paul & Food Pantry


Social Opportunities (Alumni, Athletic, Donut Sunday, 50+, Scouting, Men’s Club, Women’s Club)

  – Men’s Club – Women’s Club – 50+ Club – Alumni Association


Fund Raising (ACA, ACE Cert. Program, Gala (Auction), Fish Fries, Golf Tournaments, Parish Picnic)

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