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Benefits of Catholic Education

Most people think the only things that differentiate Catholic schools from public schools are tuition and the uniforms. While those are two noticeable differences, there are many others that go unseen.

Nowhere in a public school would I walk past “Faith in Christ, service to others” printed on the wall, representing my school’s motto. Not only is this motto printed on the walls, but it also has been permanently engraved into my head and heart.

Looking back on my Catholic education starting way back in kindergarten, I have realized just how lucky I am to be blessed with the gift of my education. I have gained so much knowledge to succeed above and beyond in my life throughout my years of school. More importantly, I have become the young lady I am today, strong in faith and knowledge.

The grade school I attended was a great foundation. I learned the basics of my faith and started branching out into the community. By the time high school swung around, going to church and doing service hours was just a part of my everyday life. This was when I first started realizing what it actually meant to have a Catholic education. What kind of a person would I be now if I was not taught that service was a way of life, not just a school requirement?

I could never thank my parents and grandparents enough for sending me to a Catholic grade school and high school. I know economic times have been tough and Catholic education is expensive, but a public school was never a consideration. Although many Catholic grade schools and even high schools in my area are in danger of closing due to their small enrollment, the small size is one of my favorite qualities of Catholic school. There is something special about walking through the halls each day and knowing almost every individual that passes by me well enough to greet them.

Teachers show their faith on a daily basis by starting each class with a prayer, or just going out of their way to help a struggling student. This is what makes my Catholic education so special and worth the tuition. If I can walk into a school each day that has a friendly atmosphere, loving students and teachers, and an education based on faith, I know I am in the right place.

Catholic education has made such a large impact on not only my daily life but also my future life. I have been taught to stand up for what I believe in. I have been taught to be the change I want to see in the world. Above all, I have been taught how to live up to God’s call and go out into the world far beyond high school and make a difference. All of these reasons are what make my Catholic education so special and worthwhile to me.


By Alumni Hannah Rettig

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